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Bringing On-site Fitness Services to you!

Strive! Corporate Fitness Programs was established in 2008 and is headquartered out of San Diego, California. Strive was founded with the passion and mission to dynamically shift the culture and health of Corporations and residential communities across the country. Strive started out by helping local San Diego Corporations through collaborative Lunch seminars and Health fairs, and has rapidly expanded its footprint nationally to position itself as the leading vendor in a full spectrum of on-site Fitness services. Strive’s focus is on aggressively improving individual’s lives by integrating practical nutrition and exercise habits. Strive provides an effective solution to improving the health of employees while increasing productivity for the organization and saving costs for the company’s bottom-line. We have consulted on and managed successful on-site fitness programs for Corporations, Government Agencies, Retirement and Residential Communities.

Our On-site Residential and Corporate Fitness services:

  • On-site Corporate Fitness Classes
  • On-site Corporate Yoga Classes
  • On-site Corporate Zumba Classes
  • On-site Personal Training Services
  • Gym Management
  • Fitness Facility Design and Development
  • Exercise Equipment Procurement
  • Corporate Health Coaching
  • Corporate Fitness Challenges
  • Corporate Walking Programs
  • Corporate Wellness Committees
  • On-site Residential Fitness Classes
  • On-site Residential Personal Training Services

About Our Corporate Fitness Programs

Strive Corporate Fitness Programs enables corporations of all scales to integrate a healthier culture and see actual cost reductions on their current wellness programs. Our clients have seen bottom-line reductions in health care costs, sick time, workers comp, in addition to an increase in employee engagement and productivity .




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